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Hu Jiamin grew up in Yichang, China by the Yangtze River. After graduating in biology, he worked in an artist residence in the countryside of Yunnan from 2007 to 2009. His experiences in rural China profoundly influenced his sense of artists’ social responsibility. In 2010, he returned to the city, where his work continued to evolve, enriched by the cultural resources at hand and his encounters with the social complexities of metropolitan life. Frustrated by the social and political direction taken by China, he left for France in 2016. The censorship and officially-ordered destruction of the mural he painted for the 2017 Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biennale validated his decision to emigrate. He now lives and works in Lyon, France.


Non-Self-Portrait, 2014, oil on panel, 30×24 cm

My work probes the way the materiality of painting questions and defies the virtualization of the images that inundate our lives. The integration of other mediums in my work seeks to incite our eyes to be reflexive on the things that sculpt our relation to reality.

My work expresses the way globalised history incarnates itself in our existences, depicting the tension between the simplicity and fragility of the everyday life and the inexorability of the historical forces that underlie it.

As a Chinese artist exiled in France, I explore the question of memory in the context of the erosion of our relation to the past; at the same time, my work also questions Western societies’ relation to their memory in the way it is obstructed by the spectacularization of our time and the desensitization of our gazes. In my eyes, figurative painting becomes a weapon to assert the materiality of reality and the impossibility to remain in the abstraction of timelessness, thus challenging the virtualization of our time and the evasion from collective emotionality.

My exploration of the materiality of painting tends toward universality through the experimentation of the confrontation and the penetration of abstract and figurative representations as well as Western and Chinese aesthetics.




  • (Upcoming exhibition), La Théorie des Espaces Courbes, Voiron, France

  • Ex-voto (upcoming), Bibliothèque de Sciences Po Rennes, France




  • Bloom, Galerie Château Branlant, Cluny, France




  • Dear Reader, (upcoming), Loong Mah, New York, USA

  • 40 ANS COUDE À COUDE, Maison des Arts Plastiques Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (MAPRAA), Lyon, France


  • Le temps est venu, 10th Biennale Hors Normes, Lyon, France

  • Arbres Enchantés, Espace Enchanté, Yvoire, France

  • kammer_flimmern, OSTRALE Biennale O23, 14th International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts, Dresden, Germany





  • De porte en porte..., Galerie La Table d’Art, Lyon, France

  • La Mélodie des choses, Galerie La Table d’Art, Lyon, France



  • Echo, duo exhibition, Liang Architecture, Beijing, China


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